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Admission Reminder

As a matter of security during the competition, no one will be admitted to the ballroom without an admission hand stamp. Be sure you maintain the stamp for re-admission purposes. We ask you to respect this rule and cooperation with our door monitors since they are enforcing for your safety.

During the competition, the On Deck system will be used to organize participants. Competitors must report to the designated deck area three heats prior to their own to ensure inclusion in the line up. Competitors MUST be in the ballroom in full costume and ready to dance at least 30 minutes before their scheduled heats. Any competitor not present when called to the floor for their heat will be dropped. We request everyone’s cooperation with the deck captain in lining up in the correct order. Only competitors and officials are permitted in the On Deck area.

Photography and videography are allowed; however, unless you are the official registered photographer, you must take pictures and videos only while sitting in your seat. Please be courteous and do no obstruct anyone’s view of the dancing. There will be no photographing or videoing from the edge of the dance floor or aisles. Flash photography is not allowed unless by the official photographer. Unipods, bipods, and tripods are not to be used at one’s seat. Only 6″ or smaller lenses will be allowed to avoid obstructing one’s neighbor’s view. All pictures and videos are for one’s personal use only and are not for commercial use or sale without express permission of the organizer. Monitors will be on duty to enforce these rules.

Portions of this event may be filmed and/or photographed by Dance It UP, its agents, various media, or other third parties with organizer expressed permission. By entering this venue, you give Dance It UP the right to use, publish, reproduce, modify, adapt, and distribute your image at any time in any manner or medium. You agree that Dance It UP does not require your consent or approval of the finished product.

No responsibility for loss or theft of articles left in changing rooms, ballrooms, hotel rooms, or other competition facilities can be accepted by USA Dance. Nor can USA Dance be held liable for injury sustained by persons attending the competition; it being hereby stated that persons attending the competition do so at their own risk. All persons attending this competition, whether as spectators, Athletes, officials, or guests of the organizer, will be bound by the rules of USA Dance. All Athletes and competition officials may be subject to drug testing by the WDSF or USA Dance.

Persons attending this DanceSport event, whether as spectators or as competitors, are bound by HBDSC rules. Participants of this event are obligated to adhere to these rules and may be asked to leave the ballroom and the competition at the discretion of the organizer if caught not obeying these rules. This includes the rules of good sportsmanship, and any competitor, coach, family member, or spectator who is asked to leave the competition because of poor behavior will not receive a refund for their tickets or entries. Competitors will also be disqualified and subject to disciplinary action.

No food or drink may be brought onto the dance floor.

NO DANCE AIDS such as soap flakes or dance wax may be placed on the dance floor, and no water or soda should be put on the floor/carpet by the on-deck area or the floor. Water or soda when used to wet down the soles of shoes are considered dance aids.

Competitors agree to be bound by HBDSC DanceSport rules.

The Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel is an entirely smoke free facility.

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